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We are creating designs that fit both: To your target group and to yourself, so nobody else can misunderstand your message. With that in mind, we work for Startups as well as for existing companies which are looking for a rebrand. Starting with the basic branding elements as logo, colors and typography and going further to a website, magazines, etc.

Kurt Weidemann already said: “A logo is good, when you can draw it with the big toe in the sand”
and we can totally agree – designing clean and minimal logos brings the best results for your brand.

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Beside the branding-design, we are also specialized in editorial design. We develop individual and high-class layouts for your magazine, fitting your target group. We create a unique look&feel using a good mix of typography, graphic elements and the page layout. Additionally we can give you information about possible formats and paper. With our partners, we can provide you also the content and an editorial concept.

We love to work for you on a long therm basis and design for example monthly magazines – but it is also possible, to provide you a new redesign, with open files, so your internal team can do the work from there on.

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